Spanish Guitar Songs for Guitar – Free Sheet Music and TABs

Ah, the passion and fire of Spanish guitar music! It heats the blood and stirs the senses.  And to play Spanish music on guitar is a fun challenge.  There are special techniques and movements.  But very rewarding and fulfilling.  Below you’ll find free sheet music and TABs to download, as well as more on Spanish guitar. Scroll down for PDFs of Spanish Guitar TABs and notation.

What is a “Spanish Guitar”?

Spanish Guitar

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The term “Spanish guitar” is used mainly in two ways. First, it refers to the instrument. This is also known as a classical guitar. The classical or Spanish guitar is an acoustic instrument made of wood. And it has guitar strings made of nylon. Traditionally, these strings were made of gut (animal intestine). These are the precursors to today’s steel-string acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

The classical (Spanish) guitar uses chords in songs to create layers of melody and harmony. It was derived from the Spanish vihuela and gittern (historic instruments) back in the 1400-1500s. Through the following centuries, it morphed into the Baroque guitar. And eventually, it became the classical or Spanish guitar we find so many people playing today.

Spanish Guitar Music

“Spanish guitar” also refers to a style of music from Spain. These songs (pieces) are written to play on the classical guitar. And it often stems from the Flamenco guitar-playing tradition.  Flamenco guitar uses Spanish guitar scales (and Spanish guitar chords and strumming.) to create a characteristic sound.  We often instantly recognize this when we hear it played.

Many composers throughout Western Europe were influenced by Spanish guitar. For example, composers such as Scarlatti and Ravel have composed in the Spanish style. The Spanish sound has captured the hearts and creativity of players and listeners alike.  And it has also been very influential on Latin music from the Americas (which Spain colonized).  This is perhaps best heard in Argentinian tango.

For centuries throughout Europe, the term “Spanish” was used to refer to most anything sensual or evocative. This included (along with brothels and suggestive dances) guitar. So the phrase “Spanish guitar” is sometimes used in relationship to music that is not from Spain. But it is usually played on the nylon-string guitar.

Spanish Guitar Songs – in Notation and TABs

Below you’ll find free PDFs of Spanish guitar songs. These Spanish guitar TABs can be played on any guitar, but sound best and most “Spanish” on nylon-stringed guitar.  Please print, play and share these freely.  If you are a teacher, you are free to use them privately with your students.  Where appropriate, please attribute the arrangements to, or Allen Mathews, and link to Enjoy playing these!

  1. Albeniz, Isaac – Granada
  2. Anonymous – Mi Favorita
  3. Anonymous – Spanish Romance
  4. Anonymous – Spanish Romance with Tremolo
  5. Brocá, José – Allegretto
  6. Brocá, José – Andante Sentimental
  7. Brocá, José – Crepúsculos – Valse No. 1
  8. Broca, Jose – Una Flor
  9. de Falla, Manuel – Cancion del Fuego Fatuo
  10. de Falla, Manuel – Dance of the Corregidor
  11. de Falla, Manuel – Danza del Molinero
  12. de Falla, Manuel – Romance del Pescador
  13. Ferrer, Jose – Ejercicio
  14. Ferrer, Jose – Minuet No. 2
  15. Ferrer, Jose – Minuet No. 3
  16. Ferrer, Jose – Pensées du Soir, Nocturne, Op. 44
  17. Ferrer, Jose – Souvenir du quinze Août
  18. Giuliani, Mauro – Op. 45 Variations on the Spanish Folia
  19. Granados, Enrique – Dedicatoria
  20. Holiday Music, Spanish Christmas – Llobet, Miguel – El Noi de la Mare (Catalan)
  21. Lecuona, Ernesto – Malagueña
  22. Llobet, Miguel – Canco de Lladre
  23. Llobet, Miguel – El Testament d’Amelia
  24. Milan, Luis – Pavana No. 1
  25. Milan, Luis – Pavana No. 2
  26. Milan, Luis – Pavane No. 3
  27. Mudarra, Alonso – Fantasia
  28. Narvaez, Luis de – Guardame las Vacas
  29. National Anthem – La Marcha Real (National Anthem of Spain)
  30. Sanz, Gaspar – Canarios
  31. Sanz, Gaspar – Espanoleta
  32. Sanz, Gaspar – Espanoleta (Advanced)
  33. Sanz, Gaspar – Folias
  34. Sanz, Gaspar – Gallarda y Villano
  35. Sanz, Gaspar – Passacalle
  36. Sanz, Gaspar – Sesquialtera
  37. Sor, Fernando – Op. 14 Grand Solo
  38. Sor, Fernando – Op. 15(a) Folia Menuet
  39. Sor, Fernando – Op. 15(a) Folia Theme and Variations
  40. Sor, Fernando – Op.9 Variations on a Theme by Mozart
  41. Spanish Guitar Songs for Guitar – Free Sheet Music and TABs
  42. Tarrega, Francisco – Adelita
  43. Tarrega, Francisco – Capricho Arabe
  44. Tarrega, Francisco – Lagrima
  45. Tarrega, Francisco – Mazurka in G
  46. Tarrega, Francisco – Prelude No. 26
  47. Traditional – El Vito (Folk Song of Andalucia)
  48. Yradier, Sebastian – La Paloma
If you have any recommendations of Spanish guitar TABs and pieces to add to this collection, please reach out and let us know!  We’re always on the lookout for great Spanish guitar songs.

Premium Courses on Spanish Guitar Music

Want to go more in-depth into the music of Spain?  Consider a premium course.  You’ll go note by note, mastering the moves.  And you’ll get detailed lessons on phrasing and expression, so you play it beautifully.

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Popular Spanish Songs to Play

Spanish Romance – Anonymous

Spanish Romance – composer unknown

One of the most famous songs for guitar.  Much of the piece is fairly easy to play. But you will find a barre chord combined with a rather wicked little-finger stretch.  Spanish Romance uses the whole guitar neck, but if with the Spanish Romance TABs, you can find the notes easily.

Click here for the Spanish Romance TABs and notation.
Click for the full Study Guide to Spanish Romance (Romanza)

Malaguena – Ernesto Lecuona

Malaguena – by Ernesto Lecuona

A very fun and popular song to play. The first and third sections are easy, and are great for learning common Spanish guitar techniques.

Click here for the Malgueña sheet music and TABs
Click here for the full course on Malaguena.

Lagrima – Francisco Tarrega

Lagrima – by Francisco Tarrega

One of the best examples of Spanish classical guitar. A slow ballad that’s extremely popular with guitarists.

Click here for the Lagrima TABs and sheets.
Click here for the full course on Lagrima, by Francisco Tarrega.

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