Ferrer, Jose – Ejercicio

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José Ferrer (13 March 1835 — 7 March 1916) was a Spanish guitarist and composer. As well as being a respected teacher, he also composed compelling pieces in the Spanish style.

This Ejercicio is an exercise in creating a singing bass melody. Much like bass and baritone singers, the effect is masculine, and powerful. You'll learn to emphasize the important parts, and play down the "background" parts.

With a little practice, you'll have a beautiful piece with a low, moving melody. This provides truly effective contrast to most other guitar pieces, which feature higher melodies.

Perhaps most importantly, the character and charisma of the Ejercicio lies in it's upbeat and joyful nature. While generally hopeful, it's also at times pensive, giving a more complex emotional palette. Overall, Ejercicio evokes moods and attitudes that are distinctly human and common, making it easy for listeners (and us as players) to connect with.

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