Along with playing pieces, technique is one of the main areas we focus on when learning classical guitar. If you consistently aim to get better at using your hands, you’ll be more and more able to meet the demands of music. You’ll be able to play faster, more dynamically, and more expressively.”

Here are a few places to get started:

How to Sit and Hold Your Guitar

Your body can actually feel good while you play!  Discover some new ways to think about how to sit and hold your guitar so you can play comfortably.  Also learn about several different tools to help you position your guitar.

Learn the Right Hand Technique that Will Elevate Your Playing

Most self-taught players get this one wrong.  There’s a way to move your hands and fingers to get the best sound, and create the most power and agility with the least work. This course shows you the fundamentals of movement on the guitar.

Discover 5 Common Mistakes Beginning Guitarists Make

Knowing what to avoid is a valuable step towards mastering the guitar.  Keeping these five common mistakes in mind will help you become more aware of your form, positioning and movements.

Explore the 5 Shapes of Classical Guitar Scales

Scales are a tool to develop not only our strength and speed, but also our abilities to play beautiful melodies.  These five common scale shapes create the foundation of scale technique and spice up your practice.

Browse the Full Classical Guitar Technique Archives

There’s a lot to know.  Peruse the full list of all the free articles, lessons and tutorials on classical guitar technique.