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In just 6 short video modules, you'll discover:

  • The "secret" true nature of reading music notation on guitar.
  • How to simultaneously make your work easier AND speed up your reading skills.
  • The "organs" that make up the "body" of music notation.
  • How to shave months off your practice time, and see sight-reading results more quickly.
  • Why "plowing through" is for suckers.
  • How to make sight-reading into a game.
  • The 8 easy rhythms that form 90+% of all music.
  • A simple tool you can use to exponentially speed up your progress.
  • Where to find thousands of pages of free classical guitar music online (so you always have fresh practice material!)
  • Where to find even more resources to pump up your sight-reading speed.
  • How to keep your practice always stimulating - never boring or exhausting.
This course includes 6 video modules with all supplementary materials, sight-reading practice music, and links to further reading and resources (including all the sight-reading practice music you could ever want).
  NOTE: This course assumes you already have a basic understanding of standard musical notation (aka "the little black dots"). If you need to learn to read music notation, see this course: How to Read Music for Guitar.


6 Videos
Includes PDF Materials
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Course Level: BEGINNER

This course is at the BEGINNER level. This means that the notes will all be in the open position (so no moving up and down the neck). The rhythms are simple (mostly quarter and 8th notes) and well-explained. And any chords used are common ones. TABs are included for an alternative to music notation. For more advanced players, pieces in this level can be used as a study to improve phrasing and memorization techniques.