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Much of beginning and intermediate classical guitar music has us firmly anchored down in the first position. However, eventually, we long to go into those lesser known regions above the 5th fret. These higher positions can have an air of mystery and uncertainty, like swimming in the deep dark parts of the lake at night. We fear losing our way and getting lost, finding ourselves in strange places with no familiar landmarks. But if we want to play the full breadth and wealth of guitar music, we must venture bravely into these realms. We must find a guide and walk new paths.

This course is your guide to the upper positions, pointing out landmarks, establishing new home bases, and teaching you the skills to survive and thrive in this formerly threatening territory.

In This Course, You’ll Discover:

  • How to find your way above the 5th fret
  • How to name notes all over the guitar
  • How to master upper positions
  • How to shift smoothly and quickly
  • How to read high notes more easily
  • How to be comfortable up high
  • How to find the familiar in new places

With This Course, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Make music on your entire instrument
  • Feel at home all over the neck
  • Memorize new landmarks
  • Name any note quickly and easily
  • Understand how the guitar works
  • Find your way in any key
  • Shift gracefully like a skater on ice


34 Videos
Includes PDF Materials
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reading high positions on guitar


This course is at the EARLY INTERMEDIATE level. This means that most of the notes will be in the lower positions, with occasional notes moving into higher positions (usually just on the 1st string). The rhythms are mostly simple. Chords are mostly common, open-position. TABs are included for an alternative to music notation. For more advanced players, pieces in this level can be used as a study to improve learning, memorization and phrasing techniques.