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Rhythm is how music exists in time. It gives structure and shape to melodies and harmonies. Compelling rhythm can make a mediocre piece sound amazing. And likewise, "mushy" rhythm can make an amazing piece sound mediocre. To truly play beautifully, you need to be able to bring the rhythm of your music to life. You need to be able to use the rhythm as a means of expression. Compelling rhythm makes any music more understandable, and allows both player and listener to connect more deeply to the emotional content of the music. Master the Art of Reading Rhythms is a 12-part rhythm practice course. It takes you from very basic rhythms all the way to advanced rhythms, adding accents, swells and fades, so you can bring your music to life.

This course helps you to:

  • Master common rhythmic patterns
  • Read rhythms more easily.
  • Memorize music more effectively.
  • Focus on rhythm without the distraction of notes.
  • Figure out rhythms you don't recognize.
  • Plan the phrasing and musicality of your music.
  • Feel more comfortable with tricky rhythms.
  • Clap and count aloud.
  • Avoid mistakes in learning.
  • Form a strong musical foundation.
  • Gently challenge your abilities.
  • Move to new levels in your playing.

Master the Art of Reading Rhythms contains:

  • 12 step-by-step practice levels.
  • Several printable practice examples at each level
  • Video showing how to clap and count each example (to check yourself).
  • Video lessons on the basics of reading rhythm.
  • Tips on how to figure out tricky rhythms.


19 Videos
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reading rhythm guitar

Course Level: BEGINNER

This course is at the BEGINNER level. This means that the notes will all be in the open position (so no moving up and down the neck). The rhythms are simple (mostly quarter and 8th notes) and well-explained. And any chords used are common ones. TABs are included for an alternative to music notation. For more advanced players, pieces in this level can be used as a study to improve phrasing and memorization techniques.