In addition to learning pieces and honing our skills, there are myriad other fine points and details of the daily musical practice that make the journey go more smoothly and enjoyably.
From practice techniques, to dealing with weird pains, from shaky hands to matters of mindset, there are always ways to deepen our understanding of our craft.

Here are a few places to get started:



What You Need to Know about Migrating to Classical Guitar from Other Styles

If you’re coming to classical guitar after first learning guitar in some other style, this post will help you to make the transition.  You’ll discover the main differences, where your strengths lie, and how to move forward in your classical guitar endeavors.


Interesting: How You Use Your Eyes is Affecting Your Playing

Believe it or not, how we use our eyes affects how our minds and bodies work.  Find useful tips that can lead to some fairly amazing differences in the way you focus and learn.


Discover How to Stop Shaky Hands

Whether from anxiety, stage fright, or just general shakiness, wobbly hands are an inconvenience.  If you ever have shaky hands, read this article.


Learn All About Classical Guitar Fingernails

Having classical guitar nails can be a daunting proposition.  This guide will tell you whether or not you need nails, and if so, how to grow, shape and care for them.


Browse the Archives of Articles and Musings

But wait, there’s more….if you need some fun reading, or a good procrastination method, spend some time in the annals of the CGS articles archive.