Classical Guitar Practice Methods

A practice method is a specific way to practice something to achieve a desired result.  This could be to learn new notes, speed things up, or to get them cleaner.  For most any problem there is one or more practice methods that will get the job done.

Part of learning classical guitar is learning how to practice.  And a big part of learning to practice is learning various practice methods.

Many of the methods below can also be found in the appropriate sections of the CGS Resources page.

Here are some of the main areas in which we use practice methods:

Below you’ll find a large list of practice methods.  Use the list above to narrow down your search, or browse the archive below.

All Practice Methods

  1. The One-Minute Problem-Solver Method for Polishing Guitar Music
  2. Focus More in Practice, With the “Brain Dump” Technique
  3. The Four-Measure Musical Formula for Practice, Phrasing and Memory
  4. The 85% Rule: How to Play Pieces Perfectly Polished at Full Speed
  5. How to Use Corrective Pauses to Speed up Chord Changes
  6. The Chord Shift Formula: How to Shift Cleanly to a Chord
  7. Memory Tip: How to Memorize and Recall Classical Guitar Pieces More Quickly
  8. Speed Up You Guitar Playing, Using Dotted Rhythms
  9. Curiosity: The Single Most Important Practice Skill
  10. 42 Questions to Blow (open) Your Musical Mind
  11. How to use Easy Pieces in practice
  12. Classical Guitar Technique Off-Guitar Exercises for Travel, Strength, and Stretch
  13. How to Polish Classical Guitar Pieces to Performance Level
  14. Exaggeration: A Practice Tool to Bring Your Playing To the Next Level
  15. How to Master Motivation in Your Classical Guitar Practice
  16. How to Video Yourself for Guitar Practice and Be Your Own Teacher
  17. Play “Naked”: Leave Out the Ornaments (at first)
  18. Ace the Tricky Spots and Polish to Perfection (pt 4: Simplify)
  19. Create a Before-Bed Review, and End the Day In Style
  20. How to Use an Ordinary Timer to Supercharge Your Classical Guitar Practice
  21. How to Use a Mirror in Guitar Practice for Evaluation
  22. Classical Guitar Visualization: What, Why and How
  23. Cross the Bar Line for Better Phrasing, Better Classical Guitar Practice
  24. Successful Practice Tip: End On a High Note!
  25. Inner Game of Practice: Release Guilt and Accept Reality
  26. 6 Tips for When You Get Tired of a Tune
  27. How (and Why) to Memorize Music on Classical Guitar
  28. Ace the Tricky Spots and Polish to Perfection (pt 3: The Moves and the Mouth)
  29. Ace the Tricky Spots and Polish to Perfection (pt 2: The One Thing)
  30. Ace the Tricky Spots and Polish to Perfection (pt 1: First Things First)
  31. Short on Time? Simple Tricks to Learn Music Fast
  32. Guitar Sight Reading: Tips and Methods for Your Practice Session
  33. How to Shadow Practice on Guitar
  34. What to Include in Your Guitar Practice Schedule
  35. How to Make Your Guitar Playing Easy
  36. Why You Procrastinate Practicing Scales (and how to stop)
  37. Have a Positive Agenda in Your Guitar Practice
  38. How to Maintain Classical Guitar Repertoire
  39. Are You Practicing, or Exercising? The Truth Will Set You Free!
  40. How To Teach Yourself Classical Guitar (even if you live on the moon)
  41. How to Learn Classical Guitar Pieces (Gypsy Dance)
  42. Listen to RCM Bridges Guitar Series MP3s (plus download free)
  43. Keeping Arpeggios Fun on Classical Guitar
  44. How to Learn Classical Guitar – A Free Course on Right Hand Technique
  45. Be a better classical guitarist by harnessing the power of simplicity
  46. Get More Done Practicing with the Pomodoro Technique
  47. Learn Classical Guitar Pieces Faster with this Secret Code
  48. How Long Should I Practice Guitar Each Day?
  49. How to Practice Guitar with the Lilypad Technique
  50. How to Warm Up for your Classical Guitar Practice
  51. 7 Steps to Learning Any Piece Quickly and Easily (video series)
  52. 50 Ways To Test Your Musical Memory
  53. Backing Up to Go Forward